Upcycled Natalie Huntsman, artist


Venue: The Bell, Purleigh

Opening Monday 27th June, 2-4pm

Thereafter daily (ex 4/7) during pub hours


I have always had a bit of a fascination with stuff that no-one

else wants and then wanting to save it. Sometimes,

after picking up a soggy, muddy object I think Mother

Nature should have just interfered a little quicker and got

in first, because I know it's coming home with me. There is

a second part to this which involved taking (dragging) my

son to a graffiti workshop a couple of years ago which I

enjoyed more than he and when I got home I wanted to try

something out. All I had was some scrap wood, and that is

how it all began.


Finding wood and objects to work on is the most

interesting part because you never know what you are

going to find. What I take home needs to have character,

which can really give depth to my pictures.


What better way to rescue a dank piece of rotting wood

and turn it into something someone would want to look at.

Interlude Buffy Kimm

Hanna ten Doornkaat, artists


Venue: The Octagon, St Mary’s Church, Maldon

Opening Monday 27th June, 7.30-9.30pm

Thereafter daily 11-4pm (ex 4/7) and during concerts.


I became fascinated by space, texture and detail while studying

Three Dimensional Design at Art College and was really inspired

by the abstract quality that my mentor, Ralph Koltai, Associate at

the Royal Shakespeare Company, brought to his designs for the



Throughout my career in theatre and television, model making and sketching have played a significant part in the design process.  Designing for the screen involves experimenting with shape, form and space, very often in model form, as a design evolves. This experimentation has been the foundation for my recent artwork.


I enjoy mixing surfaces and textures to create an innovative

outcome using found objects as well as paper, card and metal. I am very interested in photography, particularly abstract detail in

architecture, natural forms and textures. In my photography, I look for the obscure and the unusual angle, rather than a

straightforward image. I enjoy working with these photographs as a starting point, abstracting shapes and playing with texture and scale until I have created a completely new piece of artwork.

2nd July 2.30pm Lewisham Concert Band – Free Concert Amphitheatre


Colonel Bogey on Parade Kenneth J. Alford (1881-1945)

Blazing Saddles John Morris (1926-)

Frozen: a medley Robert Lopez (1975-)

Broadway Show-stoppers Medley Various

Dancing ‘round the Nursery Rob Wiffin (1954-)

Selection from Cats Andrew Lloyd-Webber (1945-)

Captain America March Alan Silvestri (1950-)


Radetzky March Johann Strauss I (1804-1849)

The Good the Bad and the Ugly Enrico Morricone (1928-)

Beatles Medley John Higgins (1964-)

James Bond Medley Various

Sinatra in Concert Various

633 Squadron Ron Goodwin (1925-2003)

Lewisham Concert Band

conducted by

John Hargreaves


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